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Kid Hilariously Gets Ramones Lyrics Wrong and It’s Too Cute

His version is better.

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There are a lot of things you don't realize you misunderstood as a child until you're grown up, and song lyrics are one of them. Listening to music in the backseat while your parents are driving is a good way to get exposed to a lot of great artists, but that doesn't mean you're going to understand what the songs, which are aimed at an older audience, are actually about. And now that we have kids of our own, it's really funny to see patterns like this continue with them. 

Finding out what lyrics our kids think they're hearing is too good, including this little boy's rendition of a classic song by the Ramones, which his mom shared on TikTok. He has his own take on "I Wanna Be Sedated," and we might like his version even better than the original. 

Instead of "I wanna be sedated," he sings, "I wanna be a cicada," and honestly? That's close enough for us. We can't be surprised that it makes more sense to him for the song to be referencing cicadas, the insects that are known for the sound that they make when they invade certain parts of the country each summer. Why wouldn't he want to be one of those — or at least be able to understand why the Ramones would want to be a cicada? 

We are willing to bet that he's not the only kid who has misheard those lyrics... and he definitely won't be the last! 

After all, there's only so long we can make ourselves listen to kid's music in the car without going crazy. Sometimes, switching to a little rock is exactly what we need. 

Next time "I Wanna Be Sedated" comes on, though, we will 100% be singing this kid's version of the song. 

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