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Doctor Removes 4-Year-Old’s Cast and Uncovers His Secret “Stash”

He was clearly making the best of a bad situation.

Those of us who have toddlers — or older kids who used to be toddlers — know that there is absolutely no way to predict their behavior. No matter how well you think you know your kid, they are fully capable of being sneaky and pulling one over on you. The older they get, the better they are at cooking up a scheme.

One 4-year-old in particular recently managed to pull off something we can't imagine his parents saw coming, and his mom shared the results on TikTok. While her son was wearing a cast, he took the opportunity to hide all kinds of stuff in there, and Mom had no idea it was happening until the time came for the cast to be taken off. 


As the doctor removed his cast, little items began to fall out. A monkey who looks like he's part of a Barrel of Monkeys (a "cheeky little monkey," as the little guy called him), $5 in coins, and a couple of winning tabs from McDonald's meals that would entitle him to free items. LOL!

We can't blame him for finding a good place to store things he obviously treasured... he's a crafty kid already! 

In a comment, Mom admitted that a week later, the imprint of the monkey was still in his skin, and that he was lucky he didn't get an infection by shoving all of those things in there. 

"He was very lucky! More so because the cast is water resistant so it had been wet many times," she said.

We're glad that he didn't have any issues with his cast while storing his treasures in there. That must have been a great laugh for the doctor who got to discover them!