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Dad Shares How Kids Orchestrated an Entire Plan to Get Out of School and It’s Too Funny

"Gangster recognizes gangster…"

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There are some kids who truly adore going to school, but there are others who will do just about anything to get out of it. If your kids happen to fall into the second category, you know the drill. The excuses and the plotting can often be endless, no matter how hard you try to convince them that it won't be that bad.

Many kids will try to fake an illness to stay home, but then there are others who really take getting out of school to the next level. But when one family of kids created a coordinated effort to leave early, this Dad on TikTok had no choice but to be impressed. 

In this video he made after picking his kids up from school, Dad revealed that all of his children went to the nurse at the same time to say they were sick and wanted to go home, even though they were all feeling fine... and one even managed to throw up! That means that he started getting calls from various nurses at different schools at the same time, and he had a hard time figuring out who was calling about which kid.

He drove around, collecting all of his little hooligans, before admitting that he did admire how flawlessly they managed to pull their plan off. 

"When Mom gets home, you better sell being sick, because Dad knows that this was a coordinated strike from you little buggers, and I respect it," he admitted. "Gangster recognizes gangster. You all get one ice cream when we get home. Don't you ever pull another stunt like this again." 

We have to admit that we'd be a little proud, too. Good for Dad for keeping his sense of humor in this situation. In the process, we're willing to bet he's helped create a memory his kids will be talking about forever.