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Baby Brother Scaring Big Brother Is Totally Priceless

His laugh is too much.

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The bond beyond brothers is for life, and it starts right away. If you've ever had the opportunity to observe brothers playing and horsing around and just being brothers, you've witnessed this bond growing and getting stronger. It's a beautiful thing to see...totally natural, seemingly effortless.

In this adorable video from @kaylaquinney, we see a little brother and a big brother playing one morning. The little brother is still just a toddler while the big brother is a big boy, so when the toddler says "boo!" we know the big brother isn't scared, but he plays along like he's terrified, and it's just the loveliest thing ever. 

How cute is that? The little brother is so delighted with his scaring skills, and the bigger brother is being so generous and kind by playing along and pretending to be afraid. This is brotherly love at its best, and it's so much fun to watch. Imagine these two playing throughout the years, growing up and being the sweetest pair ever.

Commenters loved watching how amused the little brother was by his big bro:
"Lol that wave like 'my big bro is hilaaaarious'"
"the second time
baby-'you stahp it!'"
"the realization that the older one can see him after the door closes so he walks away giggling"
"that walk after giggling!"

According to his mom in the comments, he fell down laughing after the video shut off. You can just picture it! That little one had a pretty serious case of the giggles, and a toddler with the giggles is about as cute as it gets.

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