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Little Girl's Reaction to Hiking Adventure Is Beyond Relatable

She is so done.

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Even if you're somebody who loves hiking and the outdoors, everybody hits the point on an outdoor excursion when they're tired of moving and being dirty and they're just ready to chill out somewhere comfortable and dry, maybe with a nice snack.

The little girl in this hilarious video from @courtneysurface is definitely at that point where she's totally ready for her hiking trip to be over. Like, she has had enough. And she has plenty of reasons why she's ready for this to be over. She will happily list them for you.

OMG, how funny is she? She is tired. She is wet. She is hungry. She is thirsty. She is so over being outside. Can you blame her? Those cute pink pants didn't start out muddy. There was definitely some sort of fall or slide or something that happened on a slippery trail. "Chasing waterfalls isn't always fun!" wrote her mom. Ain't that the truth. 

Commenters were totally impressed with how this girl was still walking along at a good clip, even though she was clearly ready to be done. And she was complaining, but not crying or anything, just calmly stating how she was feeling. One gets the feeling she's something of a hiking pro. People also found her so completely relatable. 

"This would be me before I took my first step. I'm an indoor pet."
"I have never resonated with a person more. She's a vibe."
"Same girl! But in addition to that I'm always saying 'I am COLD!'"
"this is me every monday when i get to work"

Chances are she'll be out on the trail again before a clean pair of pants!

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