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Mom Breaks Down the Fantasy of Having a Little Girl vs. the Reality

It's not quite the same.

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It's only natural to expect certain things when you find out you're expecting a boy or girl, but it's also only natural for your child to turn all those gender expectations right on their heads. Some kids actually fit more traditional bills, but others write their own rules. 

That's kind of the deal with the little girl in this video from @mymadisyn. Her mom had one set of expectations when she found out she was having a little girl, which she illustrates by having her daughter twirl for the camera in a fancy princess dress. But then there's the reality, illustrated by a series of hilarious clips of her daughter doing very not princess-y things. 

It's just too funny. So many plops and pratfalls and not-particularly-graceful moments. And this is what you expected when you heard you were having a little girl, right? 

It's so great that this mom has a sense of humor about gender expectations and is encouraging her girl to be wild and silly and do her own thing. Even if she does occasionally make her put on a dress and twirl. 

Commenters couldn't get over how cute this little girl was, no matter what she was doing. They also loved watching her grow through the series of clips, noting what a big girl she is now. And it's true, now that she's a big girl, she'll probably do less shaking her butt with a doll in her dress, but that doesn't mean she'll lose her silly side. 

Because that's an important part of being a girl, too. 

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