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Cute Little Sister Hilariously Tries Football Move

Almost  got it!

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When you have older siblings, you can always count on them to show you how to do stuff. Sometimes it's something practical, like how to put on your shoe. Other times it's a life lesson, like how to get what you want from Mom when she says no the first time. Still other times, older siblings teach you how to do stuff that's just cool to know how to do, and that they think is important for you to know.

Like in this video from @cheyennestoll. The adorable little sister is getting a lesson in how to kick a football from her big brother, and she's so enthusiastic. Even if the fact that she can barely talk makes things a teeny bit hard.

She's so adorable! And it doesn't matter how many tries it's going to take her to learn this, her brothers have her back. They'll keep on working on it with her until she gets it right. That's the cool thing about siblings...they have a way of knowing what's important to know, and they'll help you figure it out. 

Commenters loved seeing this interaction...
"They are helping to raise her up right"
"I'm the youngest of 3 older brothers. Trust me she is going to love it!"
"I know how it is. She is going to have A LOT of good memories!"
"I am the youngest of three boys and I can honestly say I wouldn't want it any other way"
"I'm the youngest out of 7 and they for sure helped raise me, so I hope she gets that too, it was the best"

Seems like no matter what this little girl is going to learn, her big brothers will be there to help. She's a lucky little lady!

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