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Toddler Packs Dad’s Lunch In a Barbie Lunch Bag and He Hooked His Papa Up

Listen, if he feels snackish he has nothing to worry about.

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It's so sweet when kids decide to "help," all on their own. Without any adult supervision or guidance. Almost nothing ever goes wrong, right? Right. Seriously though, even if a kid's efforts to help out with a grownup task don't hit the mark exactly, the fact that they tried means so much.

Like in this hilarious video from @dadchats. When the dad walked downstairs at 6:30 that morning, he found his son holding his lunch all packed for work in a Barbie lunch bag. The only twist? He wasn't allowed to look inside until he got to work. 

What did he find when he got there? Let's hope dad has a sweet tooth.

Honestly, does that "lunch" look kind of good to anybody else? And just imagine how much love was poured into the packing! You know those are all of the little boy's favorite snacks, and he gave his dad a giant stash. He wanted to make sure he had enough, because, you know, it's a long day.

Commenters couldn't get over how thoughtful the little guy was being, choosing all the best snacks for his dad and sacrificing a whole bunch. "That's a good Costco run I see," pointed out one commenter. "I don't hate this lunch," wrote another, with yet another chiming in to say "Lunch of champions."

So either dad ran out to a sandwich shop to supplement or he was bouncing off the walls on a grownup sugar high all afternoon. Either way, he got to do it knowing his kid loves him.

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