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Mom Goes Full “Mama Bear” When Dad Tells Her He Raised His Voice at Their Son and People Have Mixed Reactions

Do not come for this mama.

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Discipline has got to be one of the main things parents disagree on. It seems like one parent is always softer than the other, and the disparity can make for lots of arguments (and confused kids who aren't getting a clear message). The way a person feels about discipline and the right way to handle it is based on so many things, from their own childhood experience to their current beliefs. Coming together can be tricky.

We see two parents going head to head over a disciplinary action in this video from @tannerandchandler. Apparently, Dad (who is a stepdad) disciplined Mom's son when she wasn't there, and things got a little intense. Intense as in, maybe a voice got raised, maybe there was a little crying. Everything turned out okay in the end, according to Dad, but Mom is not. Happy.

It's great how the Mom doesn't actually lose her patience or anything, she just keeps a smile on her face the whole time. (Which is almost more intimidating.) Sometimes when you're a mom, it doesn't matter who did it...anybody who made your baby cry is on your sh*tlist. We don't know what happened next, but it's safe to say there was some comforting of the little boy happening and maybe a little backpedaling re: what Dad said...and probably Dad got a more serious talking-to later. 

There were a lot of conflicting comments on this one. Quite a few people were of the opinion that the dad did the right thing, and that moms are generally too easy on their kids. (And that's the reason why he wasn't listening in the first place.) Others felt that because this was a stepfather situation, there are different rules; as in, it's always the mom's final say. Other people felt like dad definitely took things too far by raising his voice and making the kid cry, and that there's never an excuse for that kind of harsh discipline. 

Discipline really might be the #1 thing parents disagree on, when you come down to it. Comment sections certainly can't agree!

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