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Mom Is Losing the “Say Mama” Battle With Daughter and It’s Too Funny

Little lady knows who she wants...

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A funny thing about babies...sometimes, they get a huge kick out of teasing their parents. It can be confusing at my baby really trying to get a rise out of me right now? But believe it or not, little ones start showing their sassy personalities off when they're still pretty tiny...and it can be totally adorable.

Take the baby in this video from @mallorymajoris. Her mom is trying to get her to say "mama," but she has another word in mind. Sort of the polar opposite word, actually: "Dada." And boy oh boy, is she ever being stubborn about it! She clearly knows what she's doing, and what she's doing is full on teasing her mom. 

Ooh, that little stinker! She's so adorable. Those cheeks and those pigtails! It's hilarious that she's so emphatic with her pronunciation. And then when she just starts going "dadadadada." Like, this is the final word on the subject. Stop asking her to say "mama," because it's not gonna happen. It's almost like she knows she's being filmed, too. 

Comments were basically just a string of laughing emojis, because what else can you do but laugh? Eventually, every baby says mama, of course, but they do it on their own time. And, sorry to say, if they know you really really want them to do it, they're probably going to hold out on you. 

The funny thing is, at some point, every mother reaches the point someday where she thinks she's going to go crazy if she hears the word "mom" one more time. Luckily, that feeling doesn't last, but you might miss those days when they couldn't say "mama" just for a minute or two.

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