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Toddler Absolutely Loses It When She Sees Aunt’s Realistic Duck Mask

This is scarier to her than any witch!

You just never know what's gonna freak out a little kid on Halloween. When you think "scary mask," you probably think of a terrifying monster or vampire or some other twisted rubber monstrosity. Probably you wouldn't think of, say, a small animal with feathers that waddles and goes "quack, quack." But for the toddler in this video from @brookeglaze151, a duck mask is the most terrifying thing in the world.

She clearly wasn't expecting to see what she saw when the person with the mask turned around. It's hard to say what she was expecting, but a giant realistic-looking duck head was definitely not on her list. 


The absolute terror! Poor little thing!! She'll never be able to look at a duck again! Maybe if it was a cartoon-esque sort of mask, like a rubber ducky, it wouldn't have been quite so scary? Or maybe it was because the mask was so much bigger than a normal duck's head that she can't handle it. Whatever it was, that mask flipped her out. 

Commenters felt this little girl's horror in their souls...
"That scream came from the depths of her baby soul"
"That scream sounded like it came from a grown man"
"The terror won’t look at a duck the same for the rest of her life"
"And that's how my fear of ducks started..."
"Why does this get funnier the more you keep watching it?"
"Twenty years from now her partner's just gonna look at her and go 'ducks. You're afraid of ducks?'"
"Fear of ducks in 3…2…1"

Seems like most commenters are pretty sure a lifelong phobia of ducks is in the cards for this little girl, but you never know. Most ducks aren't that gigantic, for one thing. Scares like these are what make Halloween such an unpredictable thrill ride!