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Grandpa Prank Calls McDonald’s As a Dare and It’s Too Funny

Grandpa isn’t afraid to be silly!

It's easy to see why so many grandparents have hit hero status with their grandchildren. Not only are they way more fun than Mom and Dad (after all, they get to say yes a lot more often!) but most of the time, they're willing to do anything to get a laugh or a smile out of their grandkids. That doesn't change no matter how old those kids get.

A perfect example of this is a video one lucky granddaughter shared on TikTok. While playing the game What Do You Meme?, her grandpa drew a card asking him to prank call McDonald's and try to make a brunch reservation... and he did not hesitate to play along.


He did his best to keep a straight face, though he did have to cover up his laughter by coughing. The person on the other end of the phone wasn't all that amused by his request, but grandpa sure did manage to get a kick out of his prank call. We have to give him credit for working so hard not to laugh and ruin the whole thing! 

"Oh, I got the wrong McDonalds," he said when the employee who answered the phone told him they don't take reservations. 

People in the comments were loving this video, calling it "hilarious and wholesome" at the same time.

"I identified with his voice crack so much. He held it together so well. I'm crying laughter. I hope I'm pranking at his age. Respect!" one person wrote.

We love that Grandpa was so willing to play along with the game. Props to him!