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Baby Gets Into Mom’s Moisturizer and It’s As Bad As It Sounds

She did a good job of getting great coverage though, we’ll give her that!

Why does it seem like at some point in their babyhood, every little one will get into a jar of moisturizer or lotion or diaper rash cream or some other thick, greasy substance they can spread all over themselves? It's a rite of passage, a milestone, and something every parent dreads. Why? Because it's just awful to clean up.

In this video from @mummatoamaya, we see a toddler having this magical moment. She's pretty proud of herself, it seems; and as her mom wrote, "Got to admit she did so well evenly spreading that on her face." She really didn't miss a spot!

Oh my. That's gonna take a few minutes to clean up, for sure. Of course, at the end of the whole ordeal, this toddler will have even softer skin than she did before. Also, her mom has significantly less cream than she did before. It's so funny when she's looking in the mirror and goes from being super pleased with herself to admitting that "it's a mess." Looks like by the end, she was probably ready to have someone get that stuff off her face, and the sooner the better. 

Commenters were relating to this scenario in a big way...
"Wouldn't you think at this stage they would make better lids for those damn tubs"
"She's starting early with her skin care routine. Absolutely adorable!!!"
"Omg what a nightmare washing that off"
"And it’s the hardest stuff to get off"
"Social media influencer."
"Every child at some point has done this lol I know my 3 did xxxxx"

Well, at least this little one is far from alone in her greasy-faced glory. And even though multiple tissues were likely lost, this will ultimately be a pretty adorable memory.