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Mom’s “Cheer” Is Basically Our Anthem At This Point

And the kiddo seems to love it.

When you're a mom and you're home with a little kid (or multiple little kids) and pets and you're just at the end of your rope, you have a few different choices. You can melt into a puddle on the floor and cry, you can lose your temper and scream at everybody, or you can go another way entirely. You can go the silly way. That's when you just throw your hands up in the air and laugh and embrace the absurdity.

That's what @shamanthaspencer does in this hilarious video. She's just playing and dancing around with her toddler and a scarf (and a cat), but she's also doing a hilarious cheer that explains just how she's feeling as a mom in the moment.


Pretty hilarious! In case you didn't catch all the lyrics, that was:
"Two, four, six, eight/Mommy is not doing great/Mommy is a hot mess/Mommy is in distress/Go Mommy!"

Go mommy, indeed! Good for mommy that she found a way to be funny and blow off some steam and have fun with her toddler all while getting her sarcasm out. Commenters were totally amused and related all too well...
"My new anthem!"
"The way he’s rooting for you though"
"The cat: oh we’re dancing… oh never mind. I’m out of here!"
"This is going to be my daily cheer from now on"
"This is now my anthem for 2022..thank you"
"Go mommy! But relatable"
"How is this not viral? Amazing"
"Let me just say as a mom, you’re doing wonderfully thanks for making this, I needed it"
"Girl same!!!!"

Bet this mom didn't know she would have so many cheerleaders wanting to join her squad!