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Mom Realizes Her Grave “Butter Making” Mistake Far Too Late

Never did she think people would be equating her breastfeeding journey with her butter making journey.

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It's hard not to notice how quickly the cost of basic groceries has been rising over the past several months. And if you're a parent trying to feed a little mouth or two, these higher prices have likely been at least a bit painful for you. Most of us are looking for ways to stretch that grocery budget a little further... and sometimes, that means getting a little creative. 

Knowing how expensive even items like butter have been recently, it's not surprising to see that some people have taken matters into their own hands and have started making it at home themselves. But when one mom shared her butter making journey on TikTok, a lot of her viewers (hilariously) got the wrong idea. 

Recently, this mom has been sharing multiple videos about making butter with her followers, which includes everything from giving step-by-step instructions on how she does it to showing off the flavored butters she creates. At the same time, she's been sharing her interest with her friends in real life, since she's making different butters to give to her loved ones as Christmas gifts... and some of the managed to conflate the two. 

She didn't realize it until she was talking to a friend about butter making and offered them some, and they said, "no, I'm not really into that." Confused, she asked why... and found out that they thought she was using her breastmilk to make the butter. Oh, my.

"Now I've told my entire family and all of my in-laws and all of my friends, I've bragged about it online that I'm making butter, and I'm also very openly breastfeeding," she said. "And I'm terrified that people have connected the two against my will." 

Uh, we'd be terrified, too... but it's not too late for her to clear things up. Ideally, before she starts handing out Christmas gifts!