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Teen Son Threatens to Delete Ring App Off Phone After He Caught Mom Dancing In the Living Room

Some things you just can’t unsee...

There are some things that teens  just never want to see their parents do. Wear revealing clothing. Sing. Have fun. Talk to their friends. And god forbid the parent of a teen wants to dance. The shame! Even if she's dancing all by herself in the living room. 

To be fair, the mom in this video from @mzmg007 seems to think she's dancing all by herself in the living room. She's definitely not worried about being filmed or anything. Except she forgot that the Ring is always watching...and by extension, so is her teenage son. 


It's honestly so hilarious the way the texts unfold....then that clip! Genius. Mom seems to be doing a pretty great job dancing, honestly, but some things kids are just never ready to face. 

Commenters by and large were pretty impressed with this lady's moves, and felt the son should consider himself lucky to have a mom who's still so youthful and fun...
"Mamas just checking on her form, making sure she still got it"
"how you think you got here son"
"I do this randomly just to see if I still got it lol"
"Me all the time in my kitchen making food"

The consensus is definitely: Get over it, kid, your mom's still got it! That said, if you want to go ahead and delete that app because you don't want to SEE that mom's still got it, that's okay too. But really, he should be proud!