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Mom Does “Experiment” and Lays Head In Each of Her Son’s Laps to See How They React and Each of Them Had a Very Different Response

The middle child is hysterical

Kids are used to climbing into their parents' laps to snuggle. So what would happen if a parent climbed into a kid's lap to snuggle? That's exactly what happens in this video from @a_mothers_tale. The mom can't exactly climb into her kids' laps, but she can lay her head in each of their laps to see how they react. She starts with the eldest, then goes to the middle, then the youngest...and they each have distinctly different reactions. 


That middle kid is the one to watch. What possessed him to start dropping pennies on mom's head? Where was he even getting the pennies? Meanwhile, the eldest and youngest were both so super sweet. For the youngest, it wasn't enough to just pat mom's head, he had to actually turn his whole body into a pillow for full-on snuggles. Commenters thought all three boys had super cute reactions, and one even had a suggestion for what the middle kid was doing with those pennies.
"Middle child are so misunderstood...He was clearly saying PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS."
"The oldest would protect you from everything the middle would give you all his money for you and the youngest would to everything to make u feel okay"
"the eldest was way too cute, respect to u kiddo"
"youngest said 'I too will sleep on my lap' lol so cute"
"you are an absolute amazing mum and your little boys are so gorgeous dont miss any memories keep them treasured forever"
One thing's for sure...those are three very snuggly little boys.