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Mom Finds Out the Hard Way She Is Indeed Not Smarter Than a Second Grader

We’ve all been there mama...

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It's been a minute since most of us parents have been in elementary school, so it's not totally unexpected if our kids come home with some homework we just don't know the answers to... and one mom on TikTok was totally dumbfounded when she experienced this for herself.

It all started when her child asked her what a word on his spelling list meant, and she didn't think it was a word to begin with — but it did actually exist, and it was a word that second graders should be familiar with. Her reaction is too on point.


"He hands me the piece of paper, and there it was: a word I was not familiar with," the mom says in the video. "My son's in second grade."

We promise we're not laughing at her, we're laughing with her. Who among us hasn't been outsmarted by a second grader (or even worse, a toddler) at some point in their parenting adventure? 

And judging by the fact that the video has already racked up over 1.5 million likes (along with thousands of comments and shares), we're willing to bet that she's not the only mom this has happened to!

Our one gripe with the video is that the mom never shared the word in question, and now we're dying to know. What was it?