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Mom Makes Kids “Garbage” Frozen Food Millenials Ate in the 90s and the Looks on Their Faces Say It All

Anyone else practically taste the cardboard?

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Kids are notoriously picky eaters, and while not every child actually fits this profile, it's fair to say that lots of kids whine about what's for dinner and don't fully appreciate the time and effort you put into feeding them healthy food. When you're doing your best to come up with nutrition-packed meals that actually taste good, the complaints can get frustrating, to say the least. 

That's why @citrineandsage decided to give her kids a wake-up call. She got tired of them complaining about her healthy cooking and decided to serve them the "garbage food we ate in the 90s" to see if they would like frozen convenience fare any better.

From the looks on their faces, the answer would seem to be clear.

Yeah, it would seem like they're not fans of this stuff, either. (Though, to be fair, didn't those frozen meals always come with a little dessert? That might've sweetened the deal, literally.) It's hilarious that the mom chose to play the "Full House" theme song in the background...the contrast with the disgusted faces is just too much.

Some commenters felt like this mom was too easy on her kids, saying she should have served "mushy canned veggies" and made them wash the whole thing down with "a glass of milk that's like 40 ounces." Some commenters had total nostalgia for the frozen Salisbury steak experience, while others claimed PTSD (especially those with memories of the food still being frozen in the center). 

One thing's for sure, these kids definitely saw how gross things could actually be if their mom didn't go out of her way to make healthy, delicious meals.

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