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As a Mom of a Teen Daughter, Woman Proclaims Chaining a Hairbrush to the Vanity Is Best Thing She Ever Did

The comments on this one are too good.

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Being the parent of a teen is super challenging in a million different ways. There are the big things to deal with, like driving and dating. And then there are all the little dramas, like where's my favorite shirt and where's my hair dryer and where's everything else important? 

But the mom in this video from @mohawkmania had a genius idea for keeping at least one important object from getting lost constantly: She chained the hairbrush to the bathroom vanity. Brilliant! Her kid might go crazy trying to find a lip gloss or a face scrub, but that hairbrush? Right there!

Such a genius idea! As the mom wrote, "Who knew most arguments in the morning could be solved with knowing exactly where a hairbrush is...I did, that's who!" Indeed she did. 

Hilarious comments ensued from people whose parents had similar ideas, or they did themselves, and lived with similar concerns...
"I expected fingernail clippers"
My parents did this too. One time I accidentally took the brush to school and my mom used the cat brush on her hair"
"I literally did the exact same thing to my brush because my sister would always steal and lose it"
"My mom always tied ours to the cupboard handle. She also had a hallway mirror with a brush tied so we didn't fight in the bathroom"
"As a mom with a teen daughter...why was I thinking 'that chain is a bit excessive for tweezers' b4 the brush popped out"

So clearly this method is a successful one for lots of parents with teens, and it's not just limited to hairbrushes, either. Hey, it makes a lot of sense...unless you for some reason enjoy replacing personal grooming items.

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