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Mom Nails Exactly What Halloween Weekend Was Like Then VS. Now

Too real.

For those of us who are now parents, we can admit that Halloween is looking a bit different this year than it has in years past. When our plans once revolved around parties, staying out late, and maybe even picking out a scandalous costume for the weekend, that is not what it's like with kids of our own. It's still fun — just in a totally different way.

And if you're feeling some type of way about how different Halloween is for you than it was in college or in your early 20s, there's one mom on TikTok who totally knows how you feel. Her video perfectly captures that feeling of nostalgia... how quickly things can change!


Pushing her wagon filled with trick-or-treating supplies, this mom chose the song "Geekd Up" by Young Jeezy as her soundtrack. "10 years ago I was listening to this in the club in a skimpy costume. Now I'm off to approximately 12 truck or treats letting y kids get candy wasted," she wrote. 

As she showed in the video, she still has the moves... she's just not using them in quite the way she once did when October 31 rolled around! 

So many people in the comments shared how much they related to this video, so if that's you, you're not alone! 

"I feel like this is every mom's story," one commenter wrote.

It's true. Even if our kids will never believe us, we used to be cool... and we used to have plans that didn't involve kids on holidays like this!

Still, we admit that seeing our kids getting all excited about picking out a costume and getting so much candy is a different type of fun. We wouldn't trade it for the old days!