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Locked Out Mom Sends Toddler on a Mission to Unlock the Front Door and It Goes as Well as You’d Expect

It’s too funny not to laugh.

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Every now and then, as the parent of a toddler, you find yourself in a strange position: Even though you spend 99% of your time tending to your child's every need, sometimes the tables flip and you actually need your toddler to do something for you. Sometimes in a somewhat urgent situation.

That's the situation in this video from @gesikaaaaaa, which happens to be a real nail biter to say the least. A little background: Somehow or another, her toddler has given her husband the house keys. Whoops. So now, the mom and her toddler are locked out of the house...on a chilly winter day. What to do?? Luckily, there is one accessible window that's unlocked, but only the toddler is small enough to fit through, which means that some direction-following will be necessary. Like, a lot of very important direction-following.

Woo-hoo! Somehow they managed to do it!! That was nothing short of a miracle. Dang, toddlers are so easily distracted. Like, it's just mindblowing how distractable they are. There is no small thing that goes unnoticed...and unexplored. Which is of course exactly how they're supposed to be, but it can be tricky in a situation like this one where you desperately need them to focus on a task. Good thing situations like this one don't come up too often. 

Commenters thought the incident was hilarious:
"This is a real baby Groot moment"
"This is an accurate depiction of trying to get anything done with ADHD"
"Little man was enjoying the journey and not the destination"

Quite a few commenters made the baby Groot comparison, which just explains why that scene in the movie was so relatable. Just when you think all is lost, this toddler finally does the right thing! Mommy gets in the house! And a happy ending was had by all.