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Mom Pretends to Have Crazy Nightmare to Get Dad’s Reaction and It’s Too Funny

He really went through it!

Sometimes, you have to get a little pranky with your partner. Just to keep things interesting. Especially if they fall for tricks easily. We're not talking about any big mean tricks, of course; nothing that's going to seriously scare or hurt anyone.

This hilarious video from @kristy.sarah is sort of the perfect example of how to prank your significant other in the best way possible. You can only imagine the conversation this couple had the next morning (assuming the wife eventually let her husband know it was a joke).


Too funny! First of all, she's so super committed to her role. "You're gonna catch these hands!" It's amazing that she kept a straight face. And his reaction! Was he more concerned or scared? He seemed a little bit afraid to go back to sleep, like he wasn't sure if those hands were coming his way next or what. 

Commenters just loved the whole idea from start to finish. 
"I have tears in my eyes I’m laughing so hard"
"he goes through THE MOST"
"Trying so hard not to laugh in the middle of the night beside my husband"
"the way he jumped"
"The things you put your husband through is priceless"
"The way he got up so quick and turned his head"

It's so great that this couple has such a fun-loving relationship. There are plenty of couples who are too tired and have let all the joy go out of their relationships. They would never think of pulling a funny prank in the middle of the night. But this couple is keeping the magic alive in the funniest way possible.