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Mom’s Hilarious Nightmare Leaves Her Exhausted

Now that's a scary dream.

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Once you become a mother, your nightmares change. Bad dreams start to involve kidnappings and other horrible things happening to your children, or forgetting to take care of some super important mom responsibility, or something along those lines. Basically, all of your worst, deepest fears as a mom come to the surface and haunt you in the night. 

But mom nightmares can take many forms, as this hysterical video from @hannahlilywilliams proves. The mother-of-four gives a detailed explanation of the dream she had the night before, and why she was so horrified when she woke up (and any mom can relate).

Too funny! Of course a mom would dream about being at a fancy wedding but not getting to enjoy it because you're too busy cutting up food into little people and nursing in the corner. And then to wake up exhausted because you've been "on" all night! Your heart goes out to the poor tired thing.

Commenters totally related to what this mom was going through, although some admitted to being too distracted by her adorable tiny baby to listen to the nightmare. 

"As someone who has had some pretty awful terrifying, gory dreams, I didn't know where this was going to go, but I think this might actually be worse," wrote one commenter. 

"I deep clean my house in my dreams all the time, so exhausting and disappointing," wrote another.

If there's one thing we can take away from this, it's that moms are not getting good sleep! If, that is, they're getting any sleep at all. 

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