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Mom’s Hysterical Post About Enlisting Her Husband’s Help Is All Of Us

We can do it all, we just don’t want to (and shouldn’t have to).

It's truly amazing what moms can do, just because they have to. As often as we've been discussing concepts like weaponized incompetence and the mental load motherhood often comes with that fathers are often free of, we still have to admit that a lot of moms out there are doing it all without the help they desperately need.

Even the moms with awesome partners end up taking on a lot more than they should, and one TikTok is the perfect example of that. In the video, the mom is joking about how quickly she asks her husband for help when she gets home with the groceries... even though she knows that if he wasn't around, she could get them all and the baby inside in just one trip.


"Me calling my husband to come get the one grocery bag and the baby out of the car when he's home even though I carry 26 bags of groceries and the baby in one trip without help when he's not home," she shared in the video over an audio clip of someone screaming, "help me!" 

We know she's just kidding, but she's actually bringing up an important conversation: Just because moms can do it all doesn't mean they should do it all, especially when their partner does happen to be around to lend a hand!

Fellow moms definitely seemed to identify with this video. One commented, "texting I’m 2 minutes away, 5 minutes away so he’s waiting outside." 

Another wrote, "yes because I need a break after grocery shopping. Our baby refuses to sit in the cart so it's a whole ordeal." 

You heard the mamas — they need a break. Go get those groceries!