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Toddler Really Twists Mom’s Arm to Go to Starbucks

Those green-apron heathens know what they are doing.

If you're a mom, there's a very good chance that coffee has a hold on you like it's never had before any other time in your life. Though there are unicorns out there who can function and raise kids without the assistance of caffeine, most of us don't want to be spoken to until after we've had at least our first cup in the morning. If you can relate, that means that Starbucks has probably also become a very special place to you.

As our babies turn into toddlers, our Starbucks runs end up including a treat for them, too, like a creme Frappuccino or a cake pop. It's no surprise that our kids end up being the ones who ask to visit the green mermaid store ... and like one mom on TikTok revealed, they will stop at nothing in their mission to convince us to stop by. 

In the video, this mom is in the car when a little voice from the backseat says, "Mom, can we go to Starbucks?" Mom replies that she doesn't feel like going, but her toddler knows better.

"Yes you do. You always want a coffee and I always want a cake pop," her daughter replies. Can't argue with that! 

After hearing her use that kind of logic, it's no surprise that, in the next shot, we can see this little girl and her mom enjoying their treats — coffee for Mom and a cake pop and chocolate milk for her daughter. 

Plenty of Starbucks loving parents in the comments could relate to this video big time.

"I’ve had this same conversation with my five year old son so many times," one fellow mom confessed.

It happens to the best of us. The pull Starbucks has on us all simply cannot be denied.