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Man Gets Hilarious "Harrowing" Reminder That He Is Turning Into His Mother when They Show Up in Same Outfit

We almost all have this come-to-Jesus moment,

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While relationships between parents and their children, even children who have grown up, can be seriously complicated, some of us really look to our moms and dads as role models. But no matter how much we admire them, there are certain things they do or say that we definitely don't want to do in our own adult lives. No offense to them, but there's a reason that so many people fear the idea of "turning into their mother!" 

Try as we might to avoid it, though, there's no overestimating the impact that our parents have on us, for better or for worse. And as one man shared in a hilarious TikTok video, sometimes, turning into our mothers is something that creeps up on us in the most unexpected ways. 

It all started when he met up with his mom at HomeGoods, where he "realized that I'm becoming my mother." The next video clip he shows really tells us all we need to know. They showed up to the store wearing almost the exact same outfit — black crewneck sweatshirts, athletic shorts, and white shoes. He couldn't help but laugh... even though his mom, in the background, seemed confused about why he's filming. Looks like she hadn't even realized they were matching at that point! 

This is just too funny. And in the comments, people were loving their connection, with some moms of little boys sharing how much they hope they have a relationship like that when their sons are all grown up. 

"Becoming? Have become, the transformation is complete," one person wrote, to which the OP joked in response, "I didn’t read the terms and conditions! I just hit update!"

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