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Son and Mom Share Their “Icks” About Each Other and It Gets Brutal Fast

He went for the jugular

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Even in the most loving of families, everybody doesn't love everything about everybody else. In other words, there's always going to be somebody who's annoyed by something about somebody else, whether or not that annoyance is particularly justified. Sometimes it's best just to try and bear with one another and not make a big deal about the stuff that gets under your skin, but sometimes it's good to clear the air. 

That's what @pittsjordan and her son are doing in this hilarious video, which starts off fairly mellow but sort of escalates quickly. Like, he went there? Sheesh.

Seems kind of rough that the little boy had to be so critical of their financial status, although the desire to go to Disney can make a kid do crazy things. And, to be fair, his mom opened up with the butt-wiping, which is kind of an embarrassing thing to bring up on camera. So maybe he was just getting back at her. Either way, once you open the door to this whole "icks" thing, you're inviting insults. 

Commenters thought it was hilarious how quick her son was to defend himself ("I don't even drink beer"), and many admitted that their own personal "ick" about themselves was not being rich, so the little boy's complaints were relatable. Especially with Disney at stake. Kids have a way of cutting to the point real fast. 

Beyond all the good-natured ribbing back-and-forth, though, this actually seems like a sort of healthy exercise for parents and kids to do together., To admit openly and without fear of repercussion the things that bug them about each other, and hopefully do something to resolve them. 

Looks like somebody's going to have to pull off a Disney trip somehow. Best of luck!

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