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Woman's Epiphany About Her Own Mother's Signature 'Mad Stance' Has Moms Cracking Up

So that's what she was doing...

There are some tropes that are unequivocally offense and way off base. However, it'd be a lie to say that *all* stereotypes have no legitimacy. There are some universal truths we all experience, and many times we don't realize what was actually going on until we are much, much older. 

TikToker Ashleigh Nicole recently uncovered one of those universal truths, and moms everywhere cannot stop laughing at the accuracy. 


The mom shows herself on camera wearing PJs and oversized sweater while standing outside of her house. And of course, her arms are crossed. 

It is something you can probably envision without even watching the video, because how many times have we seen our own mothers on our stoops with her sweater tightly wrapped around herself? And what did we all think?

"Wow she looks MAD."

However, Ashleigh just realized our moms weren't furious at us for playing, they were just checking on us without a bra on!

"We realize it now, cause we are doing it now," surmised one commenter. 

"When I discovered this, I was shocked.. and then I was shocked again that I was doing it too," confided another.

"What!? I probably could have stayed out a bit longer than I did<' another user joked. "I always assumed she was annoyed or mad when she did that."

Parenting: It's such a glamorous job.