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Mom Presents New Daughter-in-Law With “Naughty” Gift Son Accidentally Gave to Her As a Kid

She’d been saving it for his big day ever since.

As parents, there are a lot of ways we can embarrass our kids, but one mom on TikTok is definitely playing the long con. When her son got married, she brought out something pretty embarrassing from his childhood to present to his new wife, and yes, it was absolutely worth waiting all of those years for the joke to pay off.

In the video, we see Mom making a speech at her son's wedding reception as he sits next to his bride. She holds up a rose, which she says he gave her as a gift when he was little. Pretty sweet, huh?

Uh, not exactly. "I didn't tell him until today what it actually is," Mom said, before passing the rose off to her new daughter-in-law so she could find out for herself that it wasn't a rose at all, even if it looked like one.


In front of everyone, the bride pulled a lacy red thong out of the middle of the rose, much to the guests' delight. OMG! 

To be totally fair, his parents said that he was only 10 when he gave his mom this gift... and obviously, he had no idea that he wasn't just giving his mom a plastic rose. 

But she must have gotten such a laugh out of it when she discovered the thong herself all those years ago... and it was definitely worth waiting actual decades so she could finally tell him the secret at his wedding.

If only all receptions were as entertaining as this!