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Mom Sets Wine ‘Trap’ To Catch Mom Friends and TBH We’d Fall For It Too

This Florida mom is officially accepting bestie applications.

For parents who aren’t coming into parenthood alongside friends, it can be tough. What’s even harder is making those new “mom friends” at this later stage in life. Which is probably why we see all of these “applications” for mom friends to go out on the regular. The truth is, parents need peers who understand just how stressful and wonderful being a mom or dad is and can be there for them  without a lick of judgement,

So one Florida mom came up with an idea to set a trap for mom friends and honestly, it’s not a half bad idea. Be warned: If littles are around there are some adult words in this video. 


Hysterically the mom sets out wine glasses in a bread crumb train leading to her door, filling them with splashes of red win to entire fellow moms. Of course, this is entirely in good fun, but we had to admit, stumbling upon that trap might be enough to do it for us!

Followers on TikTok definitely felt the same. 

“Wish I was in your area!! I need more mom friends,” proclaimed one follower.

“That’s exactly how me and my neighbor became besties,” encouraged another. 

All in all, we can’t promise this will work so this mom did the next best thing. She started a Facebook group. So if you’re looking to expand your mama circle, try applying to the Look up TikTok Mom Friends group there!