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Mom Wipes Out on Daughter's Toys in the Middle of the Night and It’s Too Funny

We’re sorry, we cant help but laugh!

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The most frustrating thing as the parent of a baby or toddler is when you're trying super super hard to be quiet and not wake them up and then you end up making a big crashing bang loud enough to wake the dead. Talk about being angry with yourself. But you should really give yourself a break when that kind of thing happens, because the thing is, every parent does it. 

Take this video from @kirstenalittle. The mom was just attempting to do a quiet bedtime check in...her daughter was already in her crib playing, being chill. And then...whoops! Dang toys on the floor in a darkened room. 

"I go to check in on my daughter quietly when I wipe out on one of her toys," she wrote. "So much for being quiet...not my most graceful moment." 

Poor mama! That looked like it really might've hurt. It's so adorable how the little girl looks over and asks if she's okay! She can barely talk but she's clearly concerned. Well, sure. It's not every day you see mommy pull a move like that one. 

Quite a few commenters had to admit that while they were concerned, they couldn't help but laugh. Even "cackle." It's just that the way she fell down was so comical. Even though it was also probably really painful as well. Other commenters were afraid of going through the exact same thing:
"This is why I have to pick up my sons room before sleep time. Always afraid I'm going to trip on something."
"I am an absolute psychopath about clearing the walk way to my daughters bed before she goes to sleep because of this and fire emergencies"

The moral of the story, apparently, is to never leave toys lying around on the floor at nighttime, because no good can come of it. Although something funny might.

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