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Toddler Proves to Be More Entertaining Than the Disney On Ice Show She’s Watching

She sang that “Mulan” song with her whole chest.

When you bring a toddler to a stage show or, as the case may be, an ice show, your hope is that they're engaged and enjoy themselves and stay entertained throughout the whole show (and you don't end up wasting all that money you spent on tickets and snacks). 

Luckily, the little girl in this video from @shelby_kimberly is absolutely enjoying her time at this Disney ice show. She's enjoying it so much, in fact, that she's singing this song from Mulan and acting right along with the performers (even if she's not on ice skates). She's got just as much power in her performance as the ones on the ice do, even if she's also eating popcorn at the same time.

So cute. That's clearly a song she (and mom) have heard approximately eleventy billion times before. And it's such a good one, too! Seriously though, this little girl has so much charisma, she definitely deserves to be on stage. She is just as entertaining as somebody spinning on the ice. 

Commenters were totally convinced that this little girl is talented enough to be on Broadway, and encouraged her mom to send her down that path in a hurry:
"Get her into Broadway asap"
"It’s the eating the snack mid song for me"
"She’s got the virbrato down perfect. Wow."
"She has a broadway voice! I’m so impressed"
"She’s on pitch! Voice lessons mama! She’s got talent!"
"Wow, what a passionate performer and amazing singing!"
"That note when she sang "soooooonnnns" Gurl is going to be a performer"
"What raw talent!! You’re going to get her into a choir soon I hope? Or give her an instrument to try?"
"Can’t wait to see this stitched to her Broadway debut one day"
"“For soooonnnsssss” YESSSS QUEEN SLAYY"

In the comments, the mom said that her little girl recently started voice lessons and is definitely planning on nurturing her talent. So it just might be that we see this one on stage sometime in the future. But her debut performance will always be a favorite.