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Woman Calls Wife By Her “Government Name” and Their Daughter Corrects Her In Cutest Way Possible

Not today, mama!

It's something we might not think about much, or ever, but we all have our names that we go by outside of our homes, and then the names we go by when we're at home with our families. People with first names are turned into "mom," "dad," "honey," "sweetie," "baby,"...there are some kids who almost never hear their parents talk to each other using their actual names. 

That's what's going on in this video from @aubreyc95. She had the audacity to call her wife by her "government" name, Allison. What that faux pas got her was a hairy eyeball from Allison and a reprimand from their daughter. "Call her baby!"


Totally understandable reaction. When you're a kid and you're used to hearing your parents call each other by terms of endearment, it almost seems like they're fighting when they use their actual names. Of course, that didn't seem to be the case in this video. But that little princess wasn't having the first name calling either way.

Commenters totally understood where this little girl was coming from...
"Good thing your toddler is keeping you in line"
"you know you did something wrong when even the toddler tells you it's wrong"
"Literally tripped up the toddler so much she fell"
"The way she casually fell off whatever that was"
"Sweetest thing ever raising her right"
"She understood the assignment"

Names are important! Especially the ones we call each other when nobody else is around besides our family, apparently.