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Toddler Has Hysterical Reaction to Meeting Her New Baby Sister

Girlfriend is definitely not a fan...

Welcoming a new sibling is never easy when you're a little one. You just never know how a toddler or preschooler is going to react when that incredibly tiny baby comes home, so much smaller and sleepier than they expected. It's not surprising that they might have mixed feelings to begin with.

In this video from @flaugherlogan, we see two older sisters greeting their new baby sibling. They're holding the baby on their laps, just spending a little quality time...but middle sister isn't totally on board with this new arrangement yet. She has a question...


Indeed little one, you do have to keep her. But you'll be glad you did. In fact, the mom added in the comments:
"She quickly realized that she was now the middle child. Don’t worry, they’re best friends now!"

Sure, it can take a little while to get used to a big change like this one. Maybe it was all just sort of hitting her at once. (Or maybe, as some commenters thought, she just didn't want to keep holding her on her lap.)

Commenters totally understood where this little girl was coming from, and had lots of similar experiences to share...
"my daughter said " mom can we take him back to the store or give him to the neighbors " 
"Still telling my mom the same thing and my little sis is 32…"
"My daughter ask if we could take her brother back when we came home."
"my brother totally thought I was a puppy and was very disappointed when they got home apparently he never got over it"
"Too cute! My daughter wanted to put her brother in a box and send him back. Kids are too funny!"

The important thing is that they eventually get along. Rocky beginnings are definitely normal!