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Teacher Captures Hysterical Moment Kid Requests to Be Called a Goofy Nickname In Class

The whole class cracked up at how silly it is.

When you're a teacher, you have to be ready for anything. Like, anything. You've got to be ready to roll with the punches, no matter how odd those punches may be. That unflappable teacher quality is what is displaying in this video, which shows what happened when one of her students asked to be called by his nickname in class. 


Bless this teacher for her reaction. And bless this kid for wanting to be called "Butterball." That's some confidence right there. Butterball is the kind of nickname that's just asking to be made fun of, but not when somebody wears it with that kind of self-assuredness. It might seem like a small, inconsequential thing, but nicknames are a part of a kid's identity. Having that denied could be downright harmful to a kid's growing sense of self. 
This is a smart teacher, too, because right away she established herself as somebody who can't be thrown off her game too easily. She didn't miss a beat, just clarified that he definitely wanted to be called Butterball in her classroom and then it was "Okay cool, what up Butterball?" Kids know they'll be taken seriously in this classroom, and they'll probably take this teacher pretty seriously, too.

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