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Aunt Accidentally Terrifies Niece When Trying to Remove Her Temporary Tattoo

She was not happy.

You just never know what's going to terrify a toddler. Sometimes, something that seems really scary doesn't bother them at all, like a creepy character in a movie or something. Other times, something that seems completely benign freaks them out to no end. That's what happened to the little girl in @sophie_ogle's video. This aunt just wanted to show her little niece what happens when you take off a temporary tattoo...cause it's kind of cool, right? The way they just peel off and then poof! No more tattoo. Except to this little girl, it didn't look cool at all. It looked like her aunt was about to peel her skin off, and she did not want to see what was gonna happen next. 


Awww, poor little thing! The whole thing is so silly but when she says "I want Mommy," then you know she's really and truly freaked out. Of course, her aunt had no desire to traumatize her niece any further and stopped the tattoo removal process demonstration. At some poing in the future this little one will probably change her mind about temporary tats, but for now, they are just not her thing. Commenters totally understood exactly how she was feeling:
"She totally THOUGHT IT WAS SKIN" 
"that is NOT a big bandaid"
"The stressed hands" "she is STRESSED"
"LMFAOOOOO it’s the “okay okay okay “ and you backing away for me like she was an explosive"
This is definitely a classic aunt and niece/nephew moment, too. Aunts and uncles are awesome and super helpful, but when they do something different that the kids have never seen mommy do, it can totally freak them out. Especially if that thing looks like peeling skin off.