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Nurse Accidentally Glues Glove to Toddler's Head Trying to Seal a Nasty Cut and TBH It’s Hysterical

Mom was laughing, so it's OK if we laugh too.

Though it can definitely be alarming when they're little, a fact that every mom simply has to get used to is that kids get hurt. No matter how closely you watch them, they're fast... and determined to put themselves into situations where injuries are a likely outcome. And then, when it requires a doctor or hospital visit, that can be another fiasco in itself.

One mom shared how a trip to the hospital turned hilarious in a video on TikTok, and we simply can't get enough of the pure chaos of this clip. As she shared in the video, her toddler fell and hit his head, ending up with a cut that needed glue... and then, something happened that we just can't help but laugh at. 


As the nurse was gluing the cut, she accidentally glued the tip of the glove she was wearing to the little boy's head, leaving him with a pretty funny accessory. OMG — is this something that happens on a regular basis?!

Fortunately, both the kiddo and his mom were laughing at the situation, because it's so ridiculous that how could you not? We can't imagine how the nurse must have felt, but in the comments, Mom was sure to point out how much respect she has for healthcare workers.

"As a healthcare worker I’m glad you had a sense of humor about it. I would’ve been mortified!" one person commented.

Hopefully, this little boy healed up fast and he's not out there, still wearing this glove on his head. This will be a story he and his mom will tell forever!