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Dad Tries to Hysterically Seduce Wife but Kid Totally Ruins It

To be continued...

Let's face it: Having private time with your spouse is not easy to come by once you have kids. Unfortunately, that means that you lose a lot of that romantic spontaneity you once might have had. A lot more planning is involved after kids enter the picture — and even then, sometimes your plans don't quite work out. 

This mom and dad have definitely been there, and they shared a video on TikTok that will make anyone who's ever been interrupted chuckle at least a little bit. This dad tried to seduce his wife when she pulled in the driveway, but it didn't last long.

Dad was right in the middle of quite a routine when the kids started parading out of the house... and the best part is that they just ignored what he was doing and went to talk to Mom, which was obviously why they came outside in the first place. Because obviously, it's impossible for Mom to ever be left alone if she's nearby — it's like they can sniff us out! 

Fellow parents just had to commiserate about the situation in the comments, because it seems like just about everyone has been there.

"The look of defeat. He already knew it wasn’t going to happen because once kids see mama, they need everything," one commenter wrote about how quickly Dad's face deflated when the kids appeared.

Another person issued a warning for those who might think this kind of thing stops eventually. "Kids... and it never gets better. All the kids were in bed. My husband and I thought it was safe. Then our 15 year old came in to ask where his AirPod charging case was," she wrote.

One day they'll move out, right?