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Daughter Captures the Moment Her Mom Saw Tattoo Dad Got of Her Face and It’s Too Funny

She went through every emotion.

There's nothing like getting a tattoo to honor someone you love, and there's really nothing like getting a tattoo of that person's face to show your undying devotion. One has to wonder, though, what must it be like to see your face tattooed on someone for the first time? Especially, say, if you weren't expecting it? In this hilarious video from @loriiimurphhh, a daughter captures the moment her mom sees the tattoo her dad got of her mom's face for the first time...and her reaction (or reactions) are a must-see.


Apparently there's a whole gamut of emotions one runs through when they're faced with a surprise tattoo that also happens to be a portrait of them. This mom looks a little alarmed at first, then she's worried she's going to "pee her pants" (totally understandable), then she stares at that tattoo like she half expects it to come to life and start talking to her. "Is it real?" Oh yes! Yes, that tattoo is gloriously real. Some commenters couldn't tell if the mom was a fan of the tattoo or not, but in the comments she said that it's definitely growing on her, and she was just in shock. At the end of the day, what a beautiful way for her husband to show how much he loves her. 

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