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Mom-To-Be Compares Her Reaction to Learning She’s Pregnant Versus Her Husband And Honestly It’s Too Cute

They are the same person.

Some couples are like two halves of one whole. Not only do they have similar interests, they have similar mannerisms and reactions...even when they're not around each other. And when big news comes up, they tend to think about it in the exact same way. 

In this video from @oliveandrob, we see a woman reacting to the news that she's pregnant...cut with clips of her husband's reaction to the news. Let's just say that these two are definitely peas in a pod.

How funny is that?! Down to the part where they both put their hands on their heads. And they're both so genuinely thrilled, it's truly touching. The way they look at each other! It's too sweet. 

Commenters totally fell in love with this couple in a big way...
“And the two shall become one”
"And that’s how you know it was meant to be"
"That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Literal twins."
"You guys are literally soulmates you guy both reacted the same way I love it"
"This is so cute! This baby is so loved already and it will be amazing to share this footage with them someday!! Congrats!!"
"Literal twins and absolutely precious!"

What's so cute is imagining all the milestones they have coming their way and knowing that they'll probably react in the exact same way every time. It's so cool that they're so in sync...maybe he'll even know what she's craving and when she needs a foot rub! She could end up being one of the most supported pregnant women ever.