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Mom’s Son Accidentally Calls Her Boyfriend “Dad” and Hilariousness Ensues

We’re sure it made him super happy.

It's so hard to be a blended family. Sometimes kids are accepting of their parent's new significant other, sometimes they're not...and sometimes there's not a whole that  significant other can do to change their minds. 

That's worst case scenario stuff, though. There are best case scenarios when it comes to blended families, too, and this video from @talienayx3 is an example of one family that's coming together just fine. Mom's boyfriend came to school pickup, and when his teacher asked who he was, he answered in the best way possible. 


"That's my dad!" Aww. "Face of pure joy." That's exactly right. He looked so unbelievably proud to be getting picked up by his mom's boyfriend. As far as he's concerned, that's his dad. And it sounds like his mom's boyfriend is ready to take on the role, too. "School pick up definitely took a turn," he wrote. 

Commenters were so happy for this boy and his family...
"Thats his family now"
"Can’t wait till someone makes my kids feel safe and loved enough to call him dad on their own"
"Nah. that's the happy face of acceptance."
"He definitely doing something right when he calls him his dad"
"All guys wait for this moment!! Once we hear that we know we’re doing our job"
"If he calls you dad, you must really mean something special to him keep doing what your doing"
"I remember the first time my son called my man dad. No joke, it’s like my son broke my man’s entire world and recreated it as if that was his own son"
"My husband said it was the best moment of his life when my son told the preschool teacher he was his dad"

Videos like this give so much hope to blended families just starting to make their way.