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Dad Spoke Too Soon When He Texted His Wife That He Could “Easily” Be a Stay Home Dad

She was gone for 30 minutes before his ego was crushed.

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Staying home with a newborn is anything but easy. Funny thing is, though, from the outside it looks pretty easy. The baby sleeps most of the time, right? So all you have to do is feed them and change them occasionally? Yeah, sure. That's all there is to it! Except that somehow, just keeping a newborn alive for a day is actually a monumental task. 

That's what the dad in this hilarious video from @mommaofaubree discovered. He started out confident, as his texts to his wife show, but as time passes (and the dirty diapers start to pile up), things change pretty rapidly...much to the amusement of his wife. 

Too funny. "Why is it green?" Welcome to newborn diapers, dude. "Never underestimate us mamas!" the mom wrote, and she's totally not kidding. Taking care of a newborn all day (well, any age child, really) is an incredible challenge. The fact that this dad thought he had it all figured out in the beginning is hilarious, but typical. The important thing is he learned his lesson!

Commenters totally empathized with this dad, and were mostly super encouraging. Of course, there were a few critics who thought this dad should already have been familiar with his daughter's poops, but as the mom pointed out, he changes her plenty after he gets home from work, he just never changed her for a full day and was surprised at the volume (you can't blame the guy). 

Newborns can definitely be a challenge! Next time will be easier for sure. 

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