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Mom Shares How Daughter's Sass Has Evolved Throughout the Years

Teen years are gonna be a treat!

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Some kids are just born with a sassy attitude. Who can say why? Everybody has their own personality, after all, and we're pretty much the people we are from the start. So it makes sense that if there are adults out there with a bit of sass, there would be little ones out there with some attitude, too. 

Take the little girl in this video from @mymadisyn. As the mom wrote, "Does anyone else's do this or is it just mine?!? I don't even know what I did!!" Well, if the video is any evidence, her little girl definitely thinks mom did something wrong. This compilation of sass through the years makes you wonder what's coming next!

Savage! She's' not going to talk to her mommy again, ever. Or sit with her! And how amazing that now, her snark is so lethal that it's silent...she doesn't even have to say a word. On the one hand, as a mom, this must be a challenge to deal with, but on the other, it's not so bad to have a little bit of an edge in life. It's good to know how to be sassy, just in case you ever need to be. 

Commenters thought this little girl was pretty hilarious...
"they just make teens very early these days"
"I know a Gemini when I see one"
"The fact that she's not scared of the dark and closes the door on herself"
"her determined little walk"

Perhaps her sass was written in the stars. Either way, this girl's teen years are going to be something else.

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