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Sassy Toddler Has Perfect Response to Mama Saying She Would Pray for Her Teacher

Well, at least she’s honest with herself.

When the time comes to send our kids to daycare or school, we have to admit that we kind of feel for their teachers. After all, no one knows better than us how big of a handful they can be... and we might even feel a little guilty making their tantrums and attitudes someone else's problem for the day. 

But our kids definitely can't act like they don't know they're trouble sometimes, and this little girl on TikTok is a shining example of a toddler who is well aware of her sass. In a video her mom shared on the app, Mom told her that they were going to say a prayer for her teacher that day, and she knew exactly why that would be necessary. Her face really says it all... 


"She's about to need it," the little girl says, nodding in agreement with her mom. 

That look she gives the camera at the very end of the video is all we need to know that Mom isn't exaggerating here. She sure is adorable, but we don't doubt she will give her teacher a run for her money this year!

Fortunately, one teacher who commented on the video admitted that the 'tude wouldn't send her running at all.

"Oh she is adorable. I’m a preschool teacher and I adore the sassy ones. They make me laugh," she wrote.

She might have a little bit of sass, but we have a feeling she might end up being the teacher's favorite, too. Who doesn't love a tiny kid with a big personality like this?