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Mom Finds Kid’s Secret Snack Stash In the Funniest Place

Points for creativity.

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No matter how young our kids are — or how well we think we know them — they always manage to surprise us. Yes, our kids have secrets, even though, when they're young, those secrets are usually pretty benign. Hidden crayons where they think we won't find them, a trip out for ice cream with Dad that they promised not to tell Mom about, the regular stuff.

And then, of course, there's the snack stash... something that every kid will stow away somewhere in their bedrooms at least once. And when one mom on TikTok discovered her kid's, it was in the most unusual place. 

The gig was up when Mom was changing the sheets on her child's bunk bed and discovered their very clever hiding spot. Under the top bunk, their kid had hidden all kinds of snacks and treats inside the part of the sheet that went under the mattress. Seeing how well this worked is really more impressive than anything else, even if this child wasn't supposed to be snacking in their room. 

She found everything from lollipops to Rice Krispie Treats under there, so we don't doubt that this little one was well prepared for any situation where she may get hungry (probably in the middle of the night, if we had to guess). 

This is pretty common for a lot of kids, especially after reading the comments on the video.

"The kid’s stash was found before they could enjoy it. Mine would have been a spot for the wrappers hiding the evidence," one Mom joked.

If nothing else, this kid is very resourceful. We're impressed! 

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