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Siblings Have Very Different Reaction to Same Snack

Sheesh, you're welcome.

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It's so interesting how the same exact thing, whether it's a snack or a toy or a piece of clothing or a song, can get such drastically different reactions out of siblings. It would make life as a parent a whole lot easier if they all liked the same things, but of course that's just not realistic.

Even when you go the extra mile to make a super extra snazzy snack, there's no guarantee it'll be a hit with all your kids. Take this hilarious video from @dadlifewithriver. Dad made an adorable caterpillar-inspired snack that you would think any toddler would be thrilled to eat. Ah, but Dad forgot something important. 

Yup, sibling #2 doesn't like cucumber. Sigh. Not even when it looks all cute like a caterpillar. But big sister was so delighted! She thought it was the best thing ever! Alas, this is just the reality of having multiple children. What works for one might not work for the next. If it does, consider yourself lucky.

So many commenters were able to relate to this scenario, saying that their kids had similar differences and that they'd gone to similar efforts just to have their kid turn their nose up at their snack (or at least one of their kids). 

At the end of the day, whenever you make a fancy snack like this one for your kids, you're taking a risk...the risk that you might have wasted time preparing something your kid will never eat. Hopefully, it's something you or a sibling like enough to eat a second helping. 

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