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Snowman Keeps Falling Apart and Toddler Gets Hysterically Frustrated

Wait, what did she say?!

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Now that winter is in full swing, it's not the easiest time of the year to take the kids outside. Freezing temperatures, rain, and ice mean that it can be too miserable out to head to the park or the playground most days, like we once did during the summer. But on those occasions when it snows, nothing makes our kids (and us) happier. 

On a snow day, our kids usually want to build a snowman, but it doesn't always happen without a little frustration (after all, snowmen so rarely turn out exactly the way we pictured they would). And after hearing one little girl's choice words while her snowman building was not going according to plan, we think she sums that feeling up pretty nicely. 

In the video, she's trying to build a snowman but it keeps falling apart — yep, we've been there before! Finally, it's clear that she has reached the limit of her patience. 

"Oh, stupid snowman," she mutters as she tries to scrape together more snow to fix her creation. "F---in' snowman." 

Of course, as soon as someone (we're assuming her mom) goes, "what?" she quickly replies, "just kiddin.'" LOL! 

It might not be the nicest word for a toddler to say, but at least she was using it correctly. Building a snowman is frustrating, so we get where she's coming from (even if her parents may have preferred she use a different term to describe her feelings). 

Here's hoping she was able to get the snowman to work out the way she wanted to. 

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