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Son Breaks the News to Mom He’s In the Hospital With a Rap That’s Now Gone Viral

Do you guys think she murdered him or…?

No matter how old our kids get, as moms, we never stop worrying about them — and stressing that they might be sick or hurt is at the very top of that list of worries. Even if our kids are all grown up, finding out that they're in the hospital is never easy. Sure, they might be on their way to being just fine again, but nothing will stop a mama when she's worried about her kids! 

Knowing this, one son on TikTok took a silly approach to informing his mom that he was in the hospital. He used the trend that's going around to tell a story to the tune of Nicki Minaj's song, "Super Freaky Girl," to tell his mom what happened — if only we could have seen what her reaction was to this! 


In his rap, the son revealed that he didn't want to tell his mom that he was in the hospital, but his sister made him (yes, this is what sisters are for). Apparently, he and his friend Mike were hiking when he decided to catch a snake... which actually turned out to be a copperhead and bit him.

It was serious enough that he was at risk of losing his hand, so he was flown to another hospital in a helicopter. They were able to save his hand, but he'd been in the hospital for three days getting anti venom treatments, and his mom had no clue any of this happened.

To top it all off, his mom was on vacation when she received this video, so we can only imagine how she must have been freaking out! 

Here's hoping Mom took comfort in the fact that he was at least okay enough to make a silly video like this. We have a feeling she might not forgive him for this one for a long time, though.