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Dad Hysterically Lets Baby Answer Spam Calls

They get so confused.

Everybody hates getting spam calls, but what do you do? Ignore them, try to block them...spam calls are more or less just a part of life that you can't really do anything about. Except for the dad of the baby in this video from @kristin_twomey. He had a pretty brilliant idea for what to do with those spam phone calls, and he enlisted his baby for help.

His baby is in that adorable babbling phase, where they just go on and on and talk and talk (without ever really saying a word). So when he gets a spam call, he now lets his chatty baby take care of the caller. And the result is absolutely hilarious (not to mention adorable).


So cute!! It would be a pleasure to be on the other end of the line. There is nothing more adorable than listening to a baby babble away like they're having an in-depth conversation. (And who knows, maybe they are!) Spam callers are probably more confused than anything else, but this is probably the best way to deal with them. 

Commenters thought the idea was brilliant...
"I think I will try this same technique! She is so tactful, not hostile."
"You better be careful you may fall in love with your new secretary. she is adorable!"
"My mom let my daughter do this when she was little. One lady told my daughter “you’re gonna get in trouble” my mom said no she’s not and hung up.
"my mom did this with baby-me when she didn’t want to talk to family that called"
"when she's a couple years older give her the phone and tell her it's Santa"
"My dad used to do this with my little sister. She would tell them about how she wanted a Dora talking house or whatever else was on her mind."
"Can I forward her all my car warranty calls? I need an assistant"

Clearly we've hit upon a way to deal with spam calls that everybody feels good about. Now we just need more babbling babies.